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May 08, 2008



I thought a cyclone was a roller coaster at Six Flags over Georgia.

Igmar Fillipé

...A mythical roller coaster with one eye and a horn.


I thought it was some type of mythical ice cream drink... Glad you're here to set me straight, old friend.


And just when I was about to delete you from my blogroll. ;)

I thought a cyclone was another euphemism for the one-eyed trouser trout.

the weirdgirl

Those one eye, one horned things certainly wreak havoc, don't they?


so, what, then, is a myanmar ... and, exactly how dirty is a junta?


HA! just give me a toothpick and some pepper spray.


What pisses me off, especially living along the Florida Gulf Coast, is that the American Press calls any Pacific storm a "hurricane". Americans are ignorant because their press keeps them so. You probably already know this--but this is for the benefit of your readers. If it's in the Pacific, it's a typhoon. If it's in the Atlantic, it's a hurricane. If it's in the Indian, it's a cyclone.

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