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August 09, 2007



A midnight toke on the Tootsie Pop with the BloPAC. Queer....


Yeah. For a second, I thought this post was gay porn. All that talk of licking and tongues and overuse of the word "blow." It's like when your grandfather talks about putting on his "rubbers" and all the kids giggle. Of course, when my grandfather did that, he actually meant condoms, not boots.


So how many licks did it take? Did I miss something? Don't leave a brutha hangin'.

Igmar Fillipé

Toe-maas & Deadpan:
My posts are like Rorschach tests, in that they are windows to your psyche. I am only too happy to help you along that road to self-discovery.

Do you know how you keep a turkey in suspense? Actually, I had forgotten the number and was stalling. After digging up my yearbook, I'm proud to report that the total number of licks was 85,863.


Your boyfriend's name is Rorschach.

Take that!

Igmar Fillipé

Yeah? Well your boyfriend's name is Blow... Pop.


How did you know my boyfriend's name?... Wait.

I mean...


I'll get you next time, Gadget. Next time!

the weirdgirl

Igmar, I think you are more tongue-licking hero. (Don't tell my husband.)


Sure, weirdgirl, if you like raw and blistery tongues! New post, please, Iggy.


Dude. Are you EVER going to put up something new?


Still checking in, Ig.

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