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May 04, 2007



Ahhhh....I love your answers! I'm also a big fan of the Star Wars and the X-men. Good job ole chap! (That was homage to your big move to England.)


I was going to be all, "Okay, dude. Hit me. Bring it! Interview me!" But then I thought you already know me and it might be better to interview someone you only know via the vast Internets. Maybe put me on the second string list.

By the way, I would so eat Monkey Poo. Both the ice cream and the fecal matter.


As much as I would love to be interviewed by the great Igmar, I have sadly already done this meme.

I enjoyed yours, though! really!


i wish i could do it over too

the weirdgirl

You can interview me! But don't ask me any questions about my boobs or hoo hoo. I think I've pretty well covered those topics on my own, thanks.

By the way, I would also eat Monkey Poo.


Interview me, bitch


so have you given up on your blog, then


Actually, Crys, he's on vacation at his new job. The guy just got transferred to the cushiest, swankiest section of the city. He's partying with stars everynight, sleeping with too many women to count, eating caviar and filet mignon everynight and drinking vodka from a silver boot. Yes, life's been good to Igmar of late. Perhaps one day, he will deign to toss a few words in passing to the thundering masses. But today, like Paris Hilton, he is a changed person. Gone is the good-natured, jocular Igmar of th past that we knew and loved. Here now is Igmar, playboy extraordinaire and newest resident of Easy Street.


Interview Me! I'm a little late in the game, but I think it would be fun!

I love your blog, it's humorous, it can be political and yet still fun.

Ok, bring it on!

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