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April 06, 2007



I'd say forever, but I'm no wedding expert. :-)


Considering you're still holding that first wedding thing over my head, I'd say you have at least seven years, which is exactly six years longer than my first marriage lasted.


Oh come on - he saved you the aggravation of having to get all dressed up and usher people all day.

But he still owes you one HELL of a party...

Igmar Fillipé

Right... a party! I'm glad somebody's paying attention out there. Not just any party, though. I want a real mother of a blow-out. This calls for disco bowling!


Awesome! I can't believe that someone you know well (I'm assuming) took the time to send you an invitation to tell you that you were cordially NOT invited to their wedding. Man....You should send them a card back telling them that you thought about getting them a gift, but didn't.


I'm with Leah.

I mean, I've been not invited to weddings before, but have never received a non-invitation.

I hope you get your disco bowling party though. Because that sounds awesomely dangerous.


Wow. I can't believe what an insensitive rat-turd that guy is.

Yet he still seems devestatingly sexy, for some reason. *shrug*

Schmoo's Bride

It was an announcement! You know, a hey look! We are getting married! kinda thing.

Oh and yes I heard you on the phone... taking my man to a strip joint! Of all things!!
Shouldn't you be off arresting someone?

Much <3

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