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June 08, 2005



Well my first comment is really a question. Why no contacts? Just curious.

Second, I unfortunately read a very detailed description of this surgery, and I've been totally turned off ever since. I'm the biggest wimp, baby, afraid of doctors, low gag reflex. Think of anything that would make me a bad patient and I'm it. There is no way that I could be strong through that surgery. I'm just going to continue on with my contacts.

Igmar Fillipé

Well, Laurie, I'll tell you why no contacts. The answer is twofold, really. The first fold is that I don't like messing with my eyes. Actually, the reason I tried contacts was to get used to sticking things in my eyes... with the desired result being that I could get through the laser surgery without busting free of the chair and rampaging out of the office--Frankenstein style.

Fold number two is that when I am ready to go someplace, I'm ready to go. I don't want to have to clean the lenses and then fumble around trying to stick them in my eyes. It is all I can do to just wipe my glasses off with the tee-shirt I'm wearing as I walk out the door.

So, to answer your question, I have them. They are just too much work. Eventually, I am sure I'll get lasered. Oh, and before somebody writes a comment about getting the all laser surgery... I have considered that. However, about four weeks ago, one of my bosses got the all laser thing. He has not been able to see clearly since. He has to put all these drops in his eyes. Plus, he said it hurt like hell. He told me that his eye doctor said his experience is normal and that his vision should be clearing up soon, but I don't think that's true. It's been four weeks! My brother was seeing 20-15 within 30 minutes of the surgery.

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