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I am fueled by a 2:1 mixture of rage and indifference.


The Importance of Being Igmar

I am "Igmar." I put Igmar in "quotes" because it isn't my real name. Igmar is the name I use for this weblog. My real name is Quotation Marks.

It is really, quite an interesting story... how I came to use Igmar Fillipé as my nickname. (For the love of all that is holy, skip past this. This is where I blather on about some anecdote that starts back when I was in high school.) It all started when I was in high school. (See? I warned you. Save yourself. Get out, while you still can.) You see, I didn't really like reading so much. Actually, that's not entirely accurate. I like the idea of reading. I would like to read more. I just find it hard to focus on reading when there is so much unrest in my laundry hamper. Who has time for reading when there are so many channels to flip, flip, flip, flip through? Well, when I was in school I would just make up books that I "read." The author of these books was usually Igmar Fillipé. For Theatre, I read Act, Act, Act! by Igmar Fillipé. For Astronomy, I read Stars, Stars, Stars! by Igmar Fillipé.

Toward the end of high school, Igmar Fillipé was a name I used, a lot, in the sketches I wrote for a comedy troupe. Did I mention that I was in a sketch comedy group? That's really a different story. I'm still trying to stay on point with this Igmar thing.

After high school, I produced a radio show on Fairfax County public access. Igmar was resurrected for use as my radio name. The show was called The French Monkey House. It was named after a great bit on Saturday Night Live that nobody, but me, remembers.

When I first discovered there was an "intronet," I created an email account—with igmarfillipe as my user name. And currently, I use Igmar Fillipé as my nom de plume for my semi-regular blog entries.

Speaking of segues, you can check out classic Monkey House madness at The Freedom Monkey House Archival Vault.

I am always right, and if not, I will find a way to explain how I was also right. I tend to be long winded when things can be explained more simply. I will make up words and pepper them into my conversations. I drink beer and red wines, though I would like to try mead. I am not sure where one would procure mead, but I would like to find out. I have a dependency for conjunctions and a propensity for run on sentences which some may find confusing. (I also use too many quotation marks and parenthesis.) I would like to write... maybe screenplays or a one man show. I am working on my memoirs, but who isn't these days? I don't like when people use abbreviations like "TMI" or "LOL". It requires me to think too much. I would much prefer them to say "too much information" or type "ha". I love pop-culture and ofttimes reference movies, television programs, and even commercials in conversation.

Feel free to use the comments section to voice your questions and concerns. It is nice to know that people actually exist out there in the intronets and occasionally read my little blog. I normally belittle and make fun of my readers. Just know that I harass from a place of love. Think of my gibes as gentle reminders that if you don’t pry your pasty ass out of your parent’s basement and get down to the comic book shop, you’re going to be late for the dungeons and dragons meeting.

Enjoy your stay… losers.

Your pal,
Igmar “Quotation Marks” Fillipé